• All Thermosensitive Vaccinnes (+2°C to 8°C & +15°C to 25°C ), Pharma Products, Frozen Products (Enzymes, Crystals Requiring (-15°C to -25°C), Formulations, Blood Products/Serum, Chemicals, API's, Food Products (Frozen or Refrigerated) & Organ Transports. Also we can Supply Shippers for Dry Ice use.

    Value items and irreplaceable products?

    Three quarters of all temperature-sensitive transport goods are high value items and over-proportionately expensive or often difficult to replace (e.g. tissue samples, cell cultures, insulin Crystals).

    So these special goods must reach the consignee right away and in optimum condition.

    Traditional packaging systems (except for unbroken, active cold chains) often fail to meet these requirements. With long distance transit times damage/spoilage of between 20 and 30 % is not unusual.

    *) Measured in the middle of the product. This is the only method for reliable data on the product's temperature.

    Significantly higher transport safety for temperature-sensitive goods at half the traditional logistics costs

    Refrigerated transport in DEEP CHILLED packaging means transport without dry ice or any external cooling system. Weight and costs are cut by approximately 50% compared to traditional dry ice transport facilities.

    The packaging systems can be classified by three criteria:

    1. Temperature range: PLUS (refrigerated), MINUS (frozen) and thermo-stable (maintaining the internal temperature)

    2. Transit times: one day , two days or up to four days

    3. Packaging net volume: Standard net volumes available are: 2, 5, 14 and 50 liters. Other types can be made available according to client specifications (weight, configuration) for large product volumes.

    For every temperature and every distance the professional packaging solution

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