• All Thermosensitive Vaccinnes (+2°C to 8°C & +15°C to 25°C ), Pharma Products, Frozen Products (Enzymes, Crystals Requiring (-15°C to -25°C), Formulations, Blood Products/Serum, Chemicals, API's, Food Products (Frozen or Refrigerated) & Organ Transports. Also we can Supply Shippers for Dry Ice use.

    Product benefits

    1. No dry ice. A 50% cut in logistics costs. No use of dry ice means: No extra documentation, no transport restrictions, no Dangerous Goods handling, no dry ice to be replaced after 48 hours, less weight. Result: A cost reduction of up to 55%.
    2. Temperature-stable transport of up to 120 hours! The packaging system is independent of any external energy supply and withstands extreme outside temperatures. The valuable product reaches the consignee right away and in optimum condition.
    3. Different distances, optimum transport solutions. Deep Chilled provides transport solutions on a local, national and intercontinental scale- from 24 hours up to 120 hours.
    4. All components are fully recyclable and non-toxic.
    5. The vacuum-flat-pack-principle reduces volume for storing and dispatching the packaging materials. Easily stackable as flat pack and also when assembled.

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