• All Thermosensitive Vaccinnes (+2°C to 8°C & +15°C to 25°C ), Pharma Products, Frozen Products (Enzymes, Crystals Requiring (-15°C to -25°C), Formulations, Blood Products/Serum, Chemicals, API's, Food Products (Frozen or Refrigerated) & Organ Transports. Also we can Supply Shippers for Dry Ice use.

    About Us

    Deep Chilled Shippers is An innovative packaging specialist for transportation of all kinds of temperature-sensitive goods with or without the use of dry ice

    The company develops and markets temperature-controlled packaging solutions for all transactions: national, international and intercontinental.

    These packaging systems ensures the unbroken cold chain from consignor to consignee- without the costly and bulky usage of dry ice. (for 2-8 deg shipments)

    Highest quality standards
    All system components are subject to the most advanced quality standards. The international suppliers are certified and constantly checked.

    Temperature stability from 24 hours up to 96 hours - without using dry ice, and with the use of Dry Ice Minus temperature upto 5-6 Days have been Obtained.

    For all temperatures and distances the best packaging solutions.

    Reliability and Expertise

    Deep Chilled provides reliable and professional packaging solutions for all temperature-controlled transports within the supply chain. The innovative products are subject to rigorous quality checks by independent laboratories. The system components have been tried and tested and have been on the market for many years.

    Target groups for these packaging systems are companies and organizations with a high demand for temperature-guaranteed cold chain systems: Airlines, logistics companies, laboratories, non-profit organizations and companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological and food sector etc..

    For process innovations and changes in cold chain logistics Deep Chilled nsures reliability in quality and supply.

    Deep Chilled offers a demand-driven process control through carefully selected distributors and for large scale buyers also in a direct network. For large product volumes and high frequencies just-in-time delivery systems or other optimum logistics systems will be implemented.

    Global presence follows quality assurance

    Global presence is essential for the transport business. Deep Chilled is developing a global presence in the key markets.

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