• All Thermosensitive Vaccinnes (+2°C to 8°C & +15°C to 25°C ), Pharma Products, Frozen Products (Enzymes, Crystals Requiring (-15°C to -25°C), Formulations, Blood Products/Serum, Chemicals, API's, Food Products (Frozen or Refrigerated) & Organ Transports. Also we can Supply Shippers for Dry Ice use.

    Safe & Secure Packaging Systems for temperature sensitive Goods

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  • Deep Chilled Shippers
    State-of-the-art transport packaging systems for temperature-sensitive goods

  • Deep Chilled Shippers designs/develops and markets packaging systems for temperature-sensitive goods ensuring stable transport temperatures at minimum costs with & without using dry ice or any external energy supply.

  • Time frames:
  • Local and national: 24-48 hour-cooling-system

  • Continental: 48-72 hour-cooling-system

  • Intercontinental: up to 96-hour-cooling- system

  • The packaging systems Deep Chilled Shippers are certified and are patented.

  • Deep Chilled Shippers are available as:Deep Chilled Shippers PLUS for refrigerated products (single-digit temperatures above zero). and Deep Chilled Shippers MINUS for frozen products (temperatures below zero).

  • Deep Chilled Shippers MINUS & Deep Chilled Shippers PLUS are reusable.
    Recently introduced are the multiple use Shippers, made out of PP / PE.

  • All packaging components are non-toxic, safe and recyclable. They can be used without any restrictions in all markets and for all goods, also for foodstuffs and medical-pharmaceutical items.
  • Deep Chilled Shippers

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